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We at Mark Winter Homes are honored that you have given us the privilege of building a home for you and your family. We sincerely hope that your home will be the source of pleasure for many years to come.

You may be assured that your home has been built according to Mark Winter Homes demanding standards of quality. Not only are we proud of our homes, but also of the fact that we back our homes with one of the best warranty service programs in the country.

As part of this homeowner’s manual we have included “A Maintenance Guide to Your New Home which describes the simple maintenance procedures you, as the Homeowner, should institute as a supplement to your Warranty Service Program. Please take the time to read “A Maintenance Guide to Your New Home” and implement its recommendations as soon as possible.


Mark Winter Homes backs your new home with one if the finest warranty programs in the home building industry. For a period of one year, from the date of closing, Mark Winter Homes warrants your home against any defects from workmanship and materials as described in the “Builder Warranties” document. Your warranty document, also included in this manual, outlines common problems, their cause, and Mark Winter Homes repair responsibility.


As part of this package you are supplied with Warranty Service Request Forms (See electronic form below) along with an addressed envelope. Please complete and mail back, fax or email the form noting any items that need attention. Upon receipt of your request, our customer service manager will schedule a meeting with you at your home to review your concerns.

We will review each item and determine the best course of action. In some cases it may be preferable to postpone adjustments until the home has undergone one full cycle of seasonal changes. In other cases, it is appropriate to make adjustments right away. For work authorized at each inspection, our service manager will schedule a convenient time to have the work completed. For your own protection and privacy, we do not permit workmen into your home if you are not present. As a consequence, we respectfully request your cooperation in coordinating schedules.


In order to best serve you we respectfully ask that you document any concerns in writing. We don’t want our service to you to be dependent upon verbal communications that may be subject to miscommunication.


Appliances, heating/cooling systems, garage door openers, etc. typically are backed by manufacturers’ warranties. These are warranties made directly to you, the homeowner. In the event of a problem you should contact the appropriate service department directly.

Please take time to read the manuals and return the completed warranty cards to the manufacturers. Please do not forget that in order to initiate the warranty, it is important to complete and return the registration cards.


The entire team at Mark Winter Homes is committed to ensuring your satisfaction with your new home. We have established our warranty service procedures as a result of many years of experience in satisfying the needs of our homeowners.

We sincerely believe that our satisfied homeowners are one of our greatest assets and it is a privilege to be of service to you. We are confident that the Mark Winter Homes comprehensive Warranty Service Program, combined with your own simple maintenance program, will assure you many years of pleasure and enjoyment living in your new home.