Cabinetry includes kitchen cabinets, vanities, desks, bar cabinets and towel and linen closets.

  • Your cabinets have been finished for lasting appearance and value.
  • Cleaning of cabinet facings should be done with mild soap and water or special cleaners as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners.
  • For best results, select a commercial product intended for high quality cabinets when restoring or bringing back luster to original finish.
  • Over time, due to grease, dust and dirt accumulation, cabinets can appear dull or may have stains from moisture exposure.
  • Most cabinet manufacturers will recommend sponging off the cabinet face with ammonia water or using a product such as "Panel Magic" to restore full luster.
  • If necessary, cabinet doors can be adjusted by simply loosening the screws and re-aligning the door.