doors and windows

Doors and windows have changed dramatically over the past decades. Instead of wood and putty construction, it is now most common to have self-sealing vinyl or rubber gaskets sealing in the windowpanes. These extrusions require little or no maintenance.

  • Check all glazed openings for proper seals, broken glass or damaged screens.
  • Once a year clean screens and lubricate moving parts.
  • Check weather stripping for damage and tightness each fall.
  • Tracks of sliding doors and windows should be cleaned at least annually and lubricated as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Check caulking at doors, windows and all other openings and joints between dissimilar materials, e.g. wood/masonry.
  • Door closures, locksets and thresholds should be checked and adjusted as needed.
  • Inspect exterior doors each spring and fall for wear to see that weather stripping is tight or that vinyl/rubber stripping is glued or fastened tightly.
  • The thresholds on both your front door and the garage service door are adjustable. They are equipped with adjustment screws to raise or lower the thresholds for better protection from the outside elements. Do not adjust the threshold so tight that the door does not open easily as you may rip off the weather seal on the bottom of the door
  • If your front door lock or any other exterior lock is hard to open and close, you may have to spray a lubricant - such as WD40 - into the key hole. This will remove any moisture from the mechanical parts inside your lock.
  • Some shrinkage and warping due to moisture/humidity changes is normal in doors and other wood parts. Typically, warped doors will return to normal as the season changes and often after the first year the problem will be minimal.