Design Center

If you have experienced the homebuilding process in the past or know someone who has,you've probably heard some horror stories...

The amount of time, stress, and anxiety over the choices and "legwork" involved in building a home can be overwhelming. Ever dream that someday there would be a place where all your decisions could be made at one stop?

Well that day is here...welcome to the Mark Winter Homes Design Center!

Almost all of your choices are made right here! The only item you need to leave the building for is lighting, and that you can get from the store of your choice, not one we force you to buy from.

Starting with the exterior, we'll help you put together your dream home from top to bottom. With a complete selection of color and material samples at your disposal, it's easy. Shingles, siding, brick, flooring, and's all right here. You'll meet with our on-staff design expert to put together all of your color and finish options. We'll work with your budget, from selecting from our large choice of standard options or choosing to upgrade from our thousands available options, we'll help you add your signature to your new home.