All new homes go through an adjustment or "curing" process during the first few months of occupancy. In addition to our comprehensive warranty program, it is important that you as the owner of a new home institute a program of regular but simple maintenance to protect the value of your new home. This program of homeowner maintenance should start the day you move in to your home and is particularly important during the first few months of occupancy. While this guide does not attempt to cover every eventuality, it covers many of the conditions that may be encountered in a new home and provides many helpful tips used by professionals to enhance your satisfaction of your new home. You will hopefully use this guide as a basis for your own homeowner maintenance program and as a reference resource if you encounter specific conditions.

We are confident that your homeowner maintenance program together with our comprehensive program of warranty and service will ensure your satisfaction and years of happiness in your new home.

Protecting Your Home Investment with a Regular Maintenance Program In this guide, we try to cover all those parts of your home on which you should perform routine maintenance, especially during the first few years as your home establishes itself in its surroundings. Although there are many items that you should keep an eye on, we do not mean to imply that all of these items require special maintenance. Each home is different, requiring different care at different times.

Your New Home and the Climate Due to the high amount of moisture present in a new home, it is a good idea to run a dehumidifier in the basement. During the first year of occupancy, your home will experience a vast range of temperature and humidity differences from summer to winter. It is generally preferable to wait until the home has undergone a full seasonal cycle before requesting permanent adjustments. You should also delay major decorating projects until you feel confident that the curing process is complete.